I am a freelance web designer and software engineer specialising in full-stack development based in Cambridge, UK. I love building out ideas especially when they empower others to improve their quality of life.

In my spare time I am involved in my local church, I play with my one year old, enjoy good food and drink, I read, I listen to podcasts and enjoy playing games of the board and electronic variety. I also enjoy skiing, climbing and cycling.


I have a degree in Information Systems Engineering from Imperial College London, this was a mix of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.

From there, I joined the Infrastructure Department within Ocado Technology, skilled up on Python, Django & Puppet by creating automations and tools for other developers to provision users and applications on the on-premise servers. I then transitioned to the newly created Cloud Services team to achieve similar goals within AWS accounts to help create the Ocado Smart Platform.

The next step in my career was a move to the edtech startup Founders4Schools which aims to improve the employability of young people by connecting them to local business volunteers. During my time at Founders4Schools we started to build the first version of Workfinder. This is a digital first experience for young people to gain work experience at companies near to them. During my time I heavily used Django, Python & Javascript on a daily basis, as well as many cloud tools to test and deploy code to production regularly.

Just before joining Founders4Schools, I rediscovered my faith and through participating in an Alpha course, I started to attend my local church called C3. During 2017/18 I attended the C3 leadership academy which is for anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills from Biblical foundation. Additionally during this time I was invited to join the Creative Core team at C3. From this, I started to redevelop the website using GatsbyJS and helped improve the internal IT tooling used by the staff.

Recently, I have started my own company to offer my services as a freelancer or on a contract basis. Get in touch if you think I can help you with your digital needs. When I am not doing client work, I am interested in skilling up in UI/UX design, graphic design, photography and the latest open source software, technologies & tools.

If you're interested in working with me, get in touch here