The C3 Church


Screenshot of thec3.uk

Migrated the front end site from a legacy server based system to the latest technologies while maintaining the current design. In doing so improved the performance of the site and the usability of the content management system by using a third party CMS.

Technologies used: GatsbyJS, ReactJS, HTML, CSS, CSS Modules, Netlify, Mailchimp, Prismic.io

Ride Clean


Providing technical advice and support when required to the founder, this has included advice on website design and structure, initial design prototypes for an advanced booking app and supporting the founder on data processes and insights.

Technologies used: Squarespace, Figma

My Little Yellow Book


I created and hosted a simple one page site for a friend to promote the journal they had created for children aged 7 - 11.

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Netlify

mylittleyellowbook.uk has been a brilliant resource to signpost people to for my first published book. Andy has been brilliant to work with; he has ideas, vision and creativity.
Katie Campbell - Creator of My Little Yellow Book



A personal website that I built to communicate details of our wedding, integrated some ReactJS and other forms to capture RSVP details, which included email confirmation and logging details in a spreadsheet.

Technologies used: Jekyll, HTML, CSS, ReactJS, Typeform, Javascript, Netlify, Zapier