Software Crafts.

Your long term technical partnership;
whenever you need it.

We’re Software Crafts, a solo Django consultancy that deliver results you need in the short term while partnering with you for long-term success.

Designed for small businesses building the next great thing in their corner of the world.

Simply put, our success is your success.

Hey Andy, who do you work with?

I like some variety in my work, but if you tick the most of the following boxes then we're likely going to be a good fit.

  • Your primary technology stack involves Python & Django
  • Your project is striving to have a positive, healthy impact on the world.
  • Typically your going to be a smaller business or startup bringing a new creative idea to life
  • We're solving problems through innovative, creative, accessible, diverse technology solutions - It's not about making the rich richer - it's about problem solving for all communities.
  • Finally, I available on a fractional basis. I typically have 2-3 client engagements at any one time.

So what can I expect when working with you?

I am so glad you asked! With every client I strive to follow these principles:

  • Methodical and clear - you will always know what stage the project is at, and every milestone will be documented and tracked
  • Adaptable - I've got experience of most well-used project management systems, so I will always fit into your team and use the systems that you are comfortable with through asynchronous working
  • Endeavouring for efficiency - If I spot any processes that will make the job easier for any of us, I will let you know and help you implement it
  • Always working with the ultimate objectives in mind - I get to understand your business, your objectives, and your audience before I begin developing, so that I have the end user in mind throughout. I believe that we are building a solution, not creating an app or website.

I'm convinced! What's the next step?

I try to keep things simple as 1,2,3

  1. First book a discovery call where we can have a chat about your project, check there's a fit and see which service best suits your needs.
  2. Second is agree terms and finalise the contract
  3. Third I get access to your tools or can provide my own and we get to the actual work!

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