I’m Andy, the founder of Software Crafts.

Also a Djangonaut, Technical Consultant Software Engineer and amateur LEGO builder

I’m Andy, the person behind Software Crafts and I’m based in Cambridge, UK. Amoung a few of the labels I inhabit are software engineer, entreprenur and creative. Other important labels to me include husband, father and Christian and aspiring Lego builder (mostly Star Wars sets!). Below follows a bit about myself & Software Crafts.

Software Crafts was started out of a trust and faith that building software did not require working 5 days a week nor in an office environment. While this wasn’t particularly new in 2019; it was unusual enough, evidenced by the many job rejections I got asking for one or both of these requirements.

This ultimately led me to where we are today with Software Crafts, a solo venture focused with Django as the main focus, with a bit more variety on the frontend (I do mostly web with some mobile mixed in). We are going to continue to niche into the Django space and contribute back to the community as time goes on. We have lots of ideas in the pipeline to explore!

Our Values


I am always striving to learn more about my craft and how to apply it to make the world a better place. I enjoy educating and helping the Django community through video content and support on the Discord server, and embracing being a continual learner myself.


Ethics, honesty, transparency, and sustainability are always in mind - I work with clients to create solutions that make the world a better place. All my decisions, processes and tools are chosen with this end goal in mind too. I believe in looking after God’s creation through conscious choices and challenging ourselves to always do better.

Building Creativity

Building things has always been part of who I am. Inventing new solutions and ideas that help bring ideas and concepts to life. It’s about creating solutions, not developing just another app or website.