My first proposal to Django

Yesterday, while helping someone on Discord I had a flash of an idea that will hopefully make it clearer when to use runserver and when not to. While there is a warning when you spin up runserver about only being suitable for development, this is likely noted the first time around and forgotten about when it comes to deploying to production.

Hence my proposal to the community here

It consists of two parts:

  1. Rename the runserver command to devserver or a similar name the key thing here is to have dev in there somewhere
  2. Introduce a new command prodserver which is designed to provide a common interface to a wsgi/asgi server which is configured from settings.

Since proposing this in the forum, one response led me to discover django-webserver which has similar aims and I will either contributing back to it or using it as inspiration for my own package.

Future days will revisit this proposal. It's a simple wording change, but one with a large & wide impact!