The cost of a simple Django website

So you have started learning Django and you have completed the first project that you want to put out into the world. So the next question is hosting this website? We often get the question in the Discord server of how can I host it for free?

While this is possible, there are plenty of platforms that offer free plans, these come with plenty of limitations either of time, usage or technical limitations, I would really advise asking yourself this question.

What I am optimising for...?

This question can be applied to pretty much every situation in life, but here lets end it with the following options:

  1. What I am optimising for by learning Django?
  2. What I am optimising for by hosting this Django project?

The answer to these questions can be varied but, and getting to my point of today's post, if the answer is along the lines of getting a job, selling a product or seriously advancing your career then I would advise spending some dollars on hosting.

The cost of a domain name and a server ought not put you off producing a professional finished project. You have already invested significant time getting to this point, you need to invest some money as well.