Django Virtual Sprints - Part 3

Today we talk about the event itself. It ran for 2 days (Thursday & Friday) mostly on European timezones. The projects involved were Django Social, Accessibility, Dj-notebook and Django CMS.

We started the sprint in a voice channel with brief intros and an explanation of how things should work out, then we jumped into the respective voice channels for each project and got to work. Friday was a repeat of Thursday albet with less people joining in that day. On Friday I ended streaming my work on Django Social for those interested to watch what was going on.

Highlights for me were the Django Social table on Thursday turning into a virtual social, with not a huge amount of work getting done, but community building instead. Then on Friday getting a tour by Kojo of the in-person DjangoCon US Sprints in the Catcus Offices!

Tomorrow: Improvements for next time.