A new Django management command

Over the weekend I was catching up with some reading of articles and one such page was the release notes of a neopoliton from Carlton where he introduced a mktemplate command. This reminded me of a recent time where I shared day 11 with some on discord. This lead to the idea of a cptemplate command.

The concept is fairly simple which is to make it easy to copy a template from Django or a third party package into your own project. Two examples of how it could work are as follows:

# Copy the admin/base.html into the templates directory of my core django app
python manage.py cptemplate admin/base.html core

# Copy the admin/base.html into the 'default' templates directory of the project
python manage.py cptemplate admin/base.html

The second example obviously has an issue as the concept of a 'default' templates directory doesn't exist in Django. This could feasibily be the first item in the TEMPLATES["DIRS"] setting and to create a directory and dump the file if it doesn't exist with instructions to add the directory to the setting.

Let me know what you think about this one! Good, bad or indifferent?