Who is the primary user for startproject & startapp?

I recently posted a question/poll on Mastodon asking about the usage of startproject and startapp. My hypothesis is that these commands are more often used by those with less experience and those with more experience will have there own methods of achieving the same thing (eg cookiecutter or similar).

Currently I don't yet have enough data to draw any specific conclusions, but I will layout why I think it is important to validate the above statement, specifically in regard to the startproject and startapp. I have seen fair bit of back and forth about changes to the default templates on the forum and there have been tickets in the past to the same effect. My current belief is that these commands with the default template are trying to serve everyone and therefore are not serving any one group effectively and that they ought to, by default, be targeting beginners to Django. Therefore this means adding settings and folders in an opiniated manner so that common tasks "just work". In particular static settings, media & templates come to mind, but really, in my opinion, once we have a defined audience progress will be quicker.

Who do you think startproject and startapp are meant for? Is it you or someone else?