Well today I am just writing, I have been sitting here trying to decide what to write, but nothing is 'jumping out' at me, my mind if completely blank on a specific topic to write about. But since I 'need' to get something out by 9am, I have just started to type...

Blankness is terrifying, it's like standing on the edge of a cliff about to jump but not quite being able to do. When you do jump, all the correct thoughts will come flooding back (ie that you do have a safety system like a parachute so you will land safely while enjoying the falling). Staring a blank screen feels the same, once a topic comes to the fore and the words start to flow then becomes a simple matter of 'pen to paper', but before then my mind is darting around trying to work out which topic to pick (I do have a list of potential topics), then for each how to attack each topic of which specific bit of the topic to broach. This can be all very confusing & stressful with the clock ticking towards a deadline, hence why today I just started writing.

It has been a nice experiment (one which I think I will repeat in future) but let's hope that tomorrow a spark it kindled so I have a topic to write about.