Amusing CRM message

A quick post today as I am starting slightly later than usual. A couple of days ago at work the whole dev team received an email from a service that shall remain nameless. This service is used to monitor errors that occur on our site and currently we only use it for front-end javascript errors as we have a separate service for backend exceptions. The purpose of the email was to highlight that this service could do our backend exceptions as well; this is fine I personally don't like that we have two services to monitor exceptions. However the message was possibly a little to honest, see the quote below:

Honestly I think we're more purpose built for back-end error monitoring. :-)

And with that one sentence we have started looking at other providers to monitor our front-end errors and they have potentially lost a customer. Moral of the story: They assumed that we would want to switch our back-end monitoring without knowing anything about our back-end stack, but they actually revealed the weakness of there front-end monitoring!