recommendation: Wired UK

Ah! I missed a day, it probably didn't help that I was working from home. Anyway I am back so on with today's post.

Today a simple recommendation, I have mentioned their podcast previously, now it is the turn of the magazine, Wired UK. Every issue without fail, since I first started buying them roughly 8 years ago, has been interesting and informative. There have only been about 5 issues which I have not bought, the first 4 since I only discovered Wired UK in WHSmith when issue 5 was out and maybe 1 or 2 since then.

What I really like it that every story is interesting and presents a solid informed point of view, whether you agree with it or not that is another thing, but every story has been throughly researched to present a cohesive opinion of a subject, tell a unique story or even just reveal the latest businesses, product or ideas. Generally magazines have never interested me, I have flitted through the pages, idly looking at the pictures, reading the occasional short article, however with Wired I have read every issue cover to cover like a book. Granted this might not be the best for retaining all of the information contained within, but I have certainly not regretted it one bit. Actually, I need to go catchup on the latest issues so will leave you dear reader with one command, go check it out, I doubt you will be disappointed with your purchase be it in paper or tablet form (I still prefer reading the physical copy).