Article a Day

So I have been hugely enjoying David Kadavy's podcast 'Love your work', it is such an inspiration to listen to on a weekly basis. From this (he has written a 500 word Medium post every day for a couple of months) and several other sources (thefaithgap) I have decided to write and publish a blog post before 9am every day. These will vary in length but most likely be short & sweet as I am not the best writer and given my current commute (~50 min train journey) there will be mostly my own thoughts from what I can remember when referencing external material or what I can dream up. Luckily I normally get into work well before 9am so I can correct any links and do a quick check against things I reference.

The main point is that I start writing and put my contribution however small out in to the world and have faith that I can do just that.