review: Oron Amular - Power Unimaginable

Firstly, the necessary disclaimer that I know Michael the author and that he asked me to write a review. That said all the thoughts are my own and I willingly bought the book with my hard earned cash. So without further ado on with the review!

Also this review is more than several month's overdue to the extent that Michael has started writing the sequel to the epic trilogy. I have has the privilege of reading some of the draft chapters as I support him on Patreon.

Power Unimaginable is the climax to the trilogy of Oron Amular, but yet it opens up the World of Astrom. Once again the writing is excellent making for a page turning novel that covers the details from minutes to hours to years. Michael doesn't hold back from delivering on character growth and the reality of life and the challenges it can bring.

This conclusion is longer than the previous two books but for good reason, the detail packed into the different action sequences bring the mountain alive with the peril and challenges that our beloved characters face. Micheal puts you the reader in the middle of the action along with the sweat, tears and emotion that the characters are experiencing.

The final chapters set up the sequel brilliantly, leaving the reader wondering what will happen, truly the tournament was simply the beginning of the journey, not the end.

You can buy the book or the whole trilogy from the World of Astrom store and if you enjoyed this trilogy I recommend you support Micheal of Patreon to get early access to draft chapters and other goodies such as maps, detailed blog posts, an exclusive community and a chance to interact with Micheal directly.