review: Oron Amular - Rite of Passage

Firstly, the necessary disclaimer that I know Michael the author and that he asked me to write a review. That said all the thoughts are my own and I willingly bought the book with my hard earned cash. So without further ado on with the review!

Also this review is several month's overdue to the extent that Michael is gearing up to release the final and third book this November (2020)!

Rite of Passage continues directly on from where the first book 'The Call of the Mountain' left us. This means that the pace of the action doesn't drop one bit, in fact, it accelerates as the characters encounter new allies and enemies on their way to the mountain Oron Amular.

Michael keeps the imagery vivid with rich descriptions of the locations and the action sequences that keep the reader turning page after page until a cliff hanger of an ending means I cannot wait to devour the third book when I can get my hands on it!

Once again the book is a short in length for a fantasy novel and again this is refreshing to have so much detail packed into the story and description without being drawn into unnecessary detail which creates an air of mystery that places you the reader with the characters in the story, journeying with them to the Mountain.

All in all, this is another excellent book from Michael and one I thoroughly can recommend! Available online or order it at your local book store (if they are open!)