review: Oron Amular - The Call of the Mountain

Firstly, the necessary disclaimer that I know Michael the author and that he asked me to write a review. That said all the thoughts are my own and I willingly bought the book with my hard earned cash. So without further ado on with the review!

The Call of the Mountain is a starting point, a teaser, a taste of what is to come. It is the first of three books and I personally hope there are more to explore the world that Michael has built (more on this later). It is a quick read leaving no room, getting straight to the plot but not without sprinkling some mystery and intrigue to leave the reader wanting more.

The book introduces the reader to several characters who each have their different quirks and distinct attributes each with a history that glimpses through resulting in three-dimensional character resulting in page turn after page turn. This is an accomplishment given the book is less than 200 pages and a plot additionally twists and turns in enormous detail taking the reader as a willing participant with the characters on the quest to the mountain of Oron Amular.

Turning back to the world that Michael has built, it has been long in the making. This can be seen from the glossary and maps included in the book, a stable for any fantasy epic. I was also fortunate enough to be invited to the book launch where Michael has his notes detailing thousands of years of fictional history and hand-drawn maps lands and kingdoms waiting to be explored.

To conclude, it is a great book for long time fantasy lovers or for those want to give a fantasy novel a try, I can heartily recommend it as a book to add to any shelf. It is available online or to order at your local book store.