Fractional Django Development - Part 3

As someone who works solely with clients and projects where Django is a core part of the stack, each client gets to benefit from each other indirectly from a fractional engineer. This happens most often with the necessary non-functional requirements of a project, such as setting up new infrastructure, improving tooling (linters, formatters etc), CI, tests and the dev environment.

And the knowledge sharing doesn't stop there, being a fractional engineer means I get exposed to multiple projects so I have seen my fair share good practices and bad practices which means I often let codebases and database design from one client influence another. This is obviously not a direct copy & paste scenario, but it enables me to see the effect of different packages and design choices more quickly which means the learnings compound more quickly.

All in all this benefit happens for clients by simple osmosis for knowledge in my brain.

Tomorrow: Safe pair of hands!