Fractional Django Development - Part 7

Our final reason for hiring some fractional talent to your team is all about leveraging your existing team to their best potential. Imagine you want your current team to be focused on a large new feature, but there is no capacity to tend to the existing applications or even some applicationns are stuck and need to be upgraded from Django 1.X to the latest and greatest. This is where a fractional engineer can fill the gap, allowing the team to push forward safe in the knowledge that no application is being left behind to rot with technical debt.

Or perhaps you want to experiment with some new ideas, but impending deadlines won't allow for a new idea, then a fractional engineer would be the perfect solution to build a prototype and demo it back to the team for them to take it forward.

The point here is that a fractional engineer can lighten the burden for a team when the focus requires not to be everywhere at once, a fractional engineer can quietly work in the background to keep the balance of old vs new work getting done and shipped.

And so we come to the end of this mini-series of posts on fractional development. If any of these reasons resonated with your current situation, then drop me an email to see how I can help you.